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Can’t Miss- CalPoppy Update!

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May 31, 2019 at 11:36am

Hi 11W fam,

The CP family have amazing news to share- I’m actually crying as I type this-happy tears. 

CalPoppy met with his Dr. last week and he is officially in remission from his leukemia. He is back home with his family now and continuing to gain strength. Because of his specific leukemia mutation, he will be taking chemo drugs for a while to keep it at bay. 

This has been a journey to hell and back for my brother, his family, and our family since October. But in our family, if one is fighting, we’re all fighting. 

The support of this group of people cannot he put into words. Every post, card, text, gift, call. It’s all been crucial. My brother is a kickass fighter that said “fuck you cancer” and knew the only option was to kick its ass. 

I also have a special shout-out to CP’s wife and kiddos. Mrs. CP has been steadfast throughout and she’s amazing. 

Finally, to the anonymous bone marrow donor- we thank her. She’s a hero. 

I don’t really have any other words. I love you, CP, so much- I can’t wait for us to go camping, off-roading, bike touring, watch the Bucks and yell at the refs together. 


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