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True Detective Season 3 - Spoilers Included!

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February 25, 2019 at 9:28am

I am not sure if there are any threads dedicated to season 3 already, but I could not find any.  If there are any, feel free to delete this.


After watching last night's finale I was very disappointed.  Throughout this season, I thought it had plenty of potential to make up for the the lousy 2nd season but I was let down yet again.  I am not sure if it has to do with my expectations being set too high as a result of season 1 but man that was an extremely boring ending for season 3.


Here are some of the problems I had:

1. No action or plot twists

3. What actually happened to the Purcell kids was rather dull, mainly how Will died

4. Way too much focus on Wayne and Amelia's relationship.  They spent more time on showing flashbacks of them than the showing what happened to Julie

5. The delivery of the climax was far from climatic.  They walk up to Watts and he plainly states what happened without putting up a fight or anything.  Even the other climax of Julie still being alive didn't have much sting to it seeing how we found out that she was thought to be dead 20 minutes earlier.  Had we thought that she died in '95 earlier in the season, then maybe that would have packed more of a punch.

6. Isolated event that doesn't have ties to other crimes/ crime organizations.  I was hoping that the Hoyts were involved in a bigger crime ring but they simply had a crazy daughter who kidnapped a girl and accidentally killed her brother.  I thought this would be the case because they hinted there was something bigger going on when they brought up season 1 which now just looks like a cheap plug-in.

7. The last two scenes were kinda pointless to me.  I thought something profound was going to happen when Wayne has the (what seemed to be) intense flashback on the porch but it was more context on him and Amelia.  Was that him dying and walking into heaven with her as they walked into the light?  Also, was the scene of him in the jungle showing that this was all his imagination while he was in Nam?  I am looking into any possibilities because I truly didn't understand the need for those last two scenes.


I wanted to see what other people's opinions were on season 3 and last night's finale.  Hopefully, I missed something and someone can make me appreciate this season more than I do now.

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