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Avi is a picture of me and the old man at The Jake (never calling it anything else... ever) enjoying a tribe game while rocking an OSU jersey


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Comment 24 Aug 2020

Bit of a stretch here because he really is a bluegrass artist but Billy Strings is heavily influenced by and used to solely play metal.  Here is a good song that shows his blend of metal and bluegrass.

Comment 30 Jul 2020

Wow that is awesome! That sure is a tale worth telling, thanks for sharing.  Can't be mad about having Otis Rush as an alarm clock no matter the time of day.  Love the Ice Man, he was a force and true Texas bluesman like Freddie. 

I've never seen this live version but it is great.  Looks like it was shot at Austin City Limits which is up there in my top venues down here in Austin.  Just wish I had been born/ lived down here earlier to see some of the historic shows that have occurred there such as...

Comment 29 Jul 2020

Now that's a way to start off a TIMH Skunk!  Freddie is my personal favorite of the three KIngs.  His tone strikes the core of your soul.

I'll never forget listening to Texas Cannonball for the first time in high school, it was like something clicked and I never looked back.  Tone is what the true blues greats have.

Been listening to a ton of Peter Green since he passed and he shares such a similar tone with Freddie at times, especially on the Mr. Wonderful Fleetwood album.  God I just love the bite and tone they could unleash.  That is what I think of when I think of the blues.

RIP Freddie!

Comment 26 Jul 2020

July 25th will now have another piece of music history, albeit a sad one.  Peter Green's passing leaves many in the music and blues community mourning.  He was a troubled soul but his guitar playing, song writing and singing were matched by few.

His talent doesn't get the public praise it deserves but his peers knew he was one of the best.  BB King once said that "Peter Green has more talent in his little finger than I have in my entire body" and "He was the only one that gave me the cold sweats"

RIP Peter!

Comment 26 Jul 2020

Agree1000% with you on Trucks and Kingfish is a baddddd man.  He's been doing some killer Robert Johnson covers throughout quarantine with Jontavious Willis.

Comment 25 Jul 2020

Woahhhh quite the day indeed in music history.  I'll cherry pick the one's that stand out most to me.

Cosmo's is packed with heaters but this is probably my favorite:

Then a close second, what a cover:

Now to bring it on home with the local legends.  E. 1999 Eternal was played relentlessly by my older brother when I was grower up and it holds a special spot in my heart.  My cousin passed at an early age and Crossroads was selected as the song to be played at his funeral, man such a beautiful song.  I get too excited when 1st of tha Month serendipitously comes on shuffle on the 1st day of any month.  I'll end with this gem: