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Avi is a picture of me and the old man at The Jake (never calling it anything else... ever) enjoying a tribe game while rocking an OSU jersey


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tearing down the field goal posts in the south end zone of The Shoe following becoming the undisputed national champs in 2015
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Comment 9 hours ago

In NCCA Fottball the video game, Pat White and Steve Slaton were by far my favorite non-OSU players

Comment 9 hours ago

My exact two votes right here.  Both were utterly fantastic to watch.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

I definitely know where you are from now and respect the hell out of your program too.  Especially, seeing how my linebacker coach in now your high school's head coach.  Lutz is a great dude and was a freak athlete in his day.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Thanks for the series Matt, I have been thoroughly enjoying this year's edition.

We played about as tough as we could and pulled out every trick we had.  We successfully executed a hook and ladder, as well as, a surprise on-side but that wasn't enough.  We were simply physically outmatched, even though the final score was 42-28.

Their RB set an all-division state championship record for most rushing TDs (6) and set the D-II state championship record for rushing yards (326) on 35 carries.  So, yeah you could say he had a pretty good night.  

We set some records that night too.  Our QB had the most pass attempts & completions in a D-II state championship game and one of our receivers had the most receptions in a D-II state championship game.  Reason being, we couldn't run the ball against their front 7.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Sure did, that was my Junior year and the following year we lost to TCC in the 3rd round of the playoffs when Kizer was their QB (another absolutely loaded squad).  That 2012 TCC actually beat Trotwood in the state championship game.

Where did you go to school, Highland, TCC, Tiffin Colombian, or Aurora?  But yeah man their RB was an absolute monster.  I think they threw the ball maybe once in the 2nd half because he was ripping off 10 yards per carry.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Here is a picture of me getting stiff armed into oblivion, in the 2011 state championship game. 

That Trotwood team was arguably the most talented high school team I have ever seen.  Their O-line average 300+ lbs, had two 1,000 yard RBs, QB was DII offensive player of the year, and their defense had at least 7 major DI commits. 

I still have nightmares of being iso blocked by their 265 lb FB as a 180 lb ILB.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Damn that's a great show.  Avett Bros and Old Crow both kill it live but when I saw Old Crow Willie Watson was still with them. 

Comment 18 Jun 2019

That is honestly insane that they all played at your high school within two years.  Let me know if you find that time machine, I'll join ya.

Thanks for sharing!

Comment 17 Jun 2019


Taj Mahal 

Van Morrison 


Frank Ocean

If this was posted two weeks earlier Dr. John would have been on my list, RIP!!!

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Kingfish is an absolute beast.  Dude is only like 20  years old and is already one of the more talented blues guitarists today.  I was immediately blown away by him after watching this video.

Another young stud blues guitarist is Marcus King.  If you are a fan of the blues, I highly, highly recommend checking out Marcus King Band!

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Terrelle Pryor without a doubt.  I remember being in middle school art class when he committed and reading up on his recruiting through Bucknuts leading up to his commitment.  That was my first time getting heavily invested in OSU recruiting.

That being said, recently I think I have gotten the most enjoyment out of the commitments that seemed to have come out of no where.  Some names that would fall into that category would be Wyatt Davis, J.K. Dobbins, and Josh Proctor.

Comment 21 May 2019

For BBQ, I recommend Terry Black's and make sure to get the beef rib. 

Franklin's, La Barbecue, and Salt Lick are arguably better but if you will only be in Austin for a short trip, don't waste all your time standing in line for one of these places.  There is much more to do than just BBQ down here.