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This Week's Question: If You Could Pick Among Living or Dead, Which Ohio State Alum Would You Like to Have Dinner with and Why?

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February 18, 2019 at 8:00am

This week's question is pretty straightforward. To clarify, your choice doesn't have to be a graduate. This person just needs to have attended Ohio State at some point to qualify. 

We all know the famous names but there are countless others who passed through Ohio State at one time or another so your scope is ridiculously large. 

I'm going with a pretty famous guy in George Steinbrenner. He attended Ohio State as an undergrad before ultimately graduating from Williams College in 1952 and eventually returning to Columbus to earn his Masters.

As a lifelong Yankees fan, I'd love to break bread with the man who bought the club in 1973 for about $10 million and helped turn into a cash-printing dynasty while tripping over his own feet (and mouth) too many times to count. I'd love to ask him about his many character flaws (Winfield scandal, constant hiring/firing of managers, chasing overpriced free agents etc) but also his greatest successes on and off the field. 

I'd also ask about his love for college football and affiliation with Ohio State, and his love for Columbus which helped turn the Clippers into the Yankees Triple-A affiliate for 28 years.  

I'm not sure what I'd serve for us to eat. Probably ballpark food but no ballpark beer - we'd have a fine selection of bourbon. 

So who are you going with and why? 

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