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What Are Your Favorite Christmas Movies?

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December 11, 2018 at 2:56pm

It's that time of year, where Hallmark, Lifetime, etc have Christmas movies galore. The classics are always great, especially for the kids, but something about those sappy, predictable Christmas movies seems to pull us to the TV every night this time of year.

Snuggled up on the love seat next to the fireplace with my spouse, with the TV in front of us has to be my favorite time in the cooler evenings.

My wife's (Amy) all time favorite for Hallmark is A Christmas Truce. Amy judges Christmas movies by how much they make her cry tears of joy, and also the unpredictability. The typical Hallmark Chistmas goes like this, single mother, goes back home, meets the one who got away, they hate each other, they draw closer, there is always the "drumroll" kiss, where it gets interrupted by a noise or something. They draw closer over time, maybe kiss, then, the misunderstanding, or lack of communication. Seriously, why don't you guys just talk to each other and figure this out? The stubborn heartbreak, realizing you miss the other person, then bam, something happened they made each other see they were wrong, and they go running back to each other, and they kiss under the mistletoe, and the snow starts.

Now personally, I like the miracle Christmas movies the best. You know the ones, where the Angels save the day, and the person finds out they are being blessed by something special, or maybe even Santa, and people find out he is magical and really is Santa. The Santa Clause comes to mind, Jack Frost is good too, well mostly because Kelly Preston is so freaking hot.

I saw a review of one the other day, where this guy wished he could go out with this hot chick, she brought him home for dinner with her family, and as it turns out HE WAS dinner. You have to see this preview. No, we didn't watch it, but someone here might be interested.

Now, I could look online, and see what others think, but I'd rather hear from you, well that, and I am just bored today. So, any recommendations or funny stories to tell?



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