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ESPN's "Get Up"

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April 14, 2018 at 2:40am

Not a fan of "Get Up."

Secretly, I loved "Cold Pizza" when it first debuted. It was wildly inventive and even had musical acts and guests from all over pop culture. I recall "Rooney" from way back in the day...I swear "The White Stripes" were on one morning.

Then it 'became about the debate' and spun into "First Take" and LOUD NOISES!

I was never a fan of "Mike and Mike", so I didn't have to pick a Mike loyalty via "Mike and Wingo" or "Get Up."

This new show has terrible ratings. Personally, it's just boring to me. Some think it's political. I don't. It just doesn't interest me. Maybe "Cold Pizza" was ahead of its time?

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