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Comment 20 Jan 2021

Well, actually it's Jaymes Bryant and not James Bryant.

Comment 20 Dec 2020

People are so reactive to the moment. Fields wasn't good vs. NW. That is true...

If he's gonna get huge money next year, then why risk it by coming back?

Up to him, right? He'll make more money next season than most of us will earn in our lifetime.

Soooooo... I think he leaves and was one of the best QBs ever at OSU. Good for him and best wishes!!!

Comment 14 Dec 2020

Who cares about other boards? All the same shit from bitter, angry, jealous and spiteful posters. (we have ours too)

I don't really care about any other messageboards until OSU wins it all.

It's all noise until the season is over. Let the results decide it. If OSU's the best team, they'll win. If not, they won't.

Comment 10 Dec 2020

I'll toss out Jeff Ellis and Alex Higdon per OSU tight ends.

Both were ruined by injuries and were physical freaks of nature. RIP Jeff Ellis.

I believe Chris Spielman said that Alex Higdon was one of the best athletes he's played with/against.

Comment 10 Dec 2020

I feel bad for Devin Smith in the NFL. Injuries are random, but he's really had terrible luck too.

After all of his injuries, I wonder how fast he is and how high he can jump now.

It'd be exciting if he came out of nowhere and excelled in the pros!