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Your Offseason troll awareness thread.

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May 2, 2017 at 10:36am

If any of you have been on the OSU interwebs for any length of time no doubt you have come across Shawn L. Martin. You can routinely see him as the first to respond to an Eleven Warriors, Tony Gerdeman or other sports site hot take mildly critical of TTUN. Anything that besmirches his beloved men in blue he is there to defend their honor.

His hot takes are not the most bothersome, it's that he is tweeting our commits that I take the most umbrage with. Last week he was tweeting Jaiden Woodbey and that's why I felt a need to respond. Tweeting recruits is one thing but tweeting committed kids from another school is even more egregious.

Here are a few of his Hot takes.

Here he is defending the honor of Jourdan Lewis.

This one is a beauty because he went on to defend Peppers a week later.



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