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Did you play high school/college football? When? Where? What position?

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August 11, 2015 at 9:50pm

With the football season upon us, thought it would be interesting to see what portion of the 11W community played organized football.  It's been 2 decades since I put on the pads and helmet, and miss playing the game, still.  I played at Johnstown-Monroe High a School in the early 90's.  Playing linebacker and offensive guard at 6'01" 215lbs.  At the small school, most players played both ways and all special teams.  Played a year at University of Findlay but didn't have as much fun playing there.....I wasn't going to the NFL and the enjoyment/comradery of high school football wasn't there, so stopped playing and enjoyed the college experience.

who else played?  Where, when and what position?

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