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Favorite Kids Movie

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April 24, 2015 at 9:36am

One of the great things about this site is the difference in age and walks of life for all the members, we all come from different backgrounds but can all still agree on one thing and that thing is Ohio State being the best damn team/university in the land.

Though all of us are different I'm sure we all were;

1. Young

2. Growing up apart of different generations with different interests

So my question to you is what was that one movie you watched as a kid that you always found pleasure in watching (when you were a kid not "I'm young and I watch the Kate Upton commercial on repeat finding pleasure errrrrtime")?

For me I always loved to go to bed watching one of the Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Rocketman, or The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. There are several more I'm sure but you get the point. What are some of the ones you guys watched?


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