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Comment 10 Jan 2018

This thread makes me wonder if some of you have daughters... if so or even if not would you be okay if she was working a job as a freshman in college or possibly still in high school and she receives unsolicited dick pics from her 26 year old boss and his response is “sorry, it’s kind of how this restaurant works. I dealt with it too”?

Comment 10 Jan 2018

It really is and due to recent events more relevant than ever. I’ve always liked Birm and I tried to make this situation make sense in my head but his response is poor to say the least. 

Comment 22 Dec 2017

Yep! I’m loving it, like McDonalds. It’s christmas, I’m meeting some friends for our annual trip to Gatsbys, drinking heavily, and not working until Tuesday. Life’s good!

Comment 20 Dec 2017

I didn’t like this kid the second after I saw his tweets post-OU. Causing locker room problems before you’re even in the locker room isn't the impression I’d want to see as a coach. The worst part about all of this is they just railed our asses out 31-0 so we can’t even pull the “scoreboard!” Comment to save pride. Let’s just hope we get the chance to redeem ourselves in the near future. Fuck Dabo

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I don’t seem to remember saying we should’ve played Haskins in this post.. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I’m not unhappy in the least, frustrated, but not upset. My frustration is seeing the ceiling this team could potentially have and not getting anywhere close.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

How did this post in anyway come off as that? I’m not a hater and said above the I’m more than fine with JT being our guy. I’m not calling for Haskins to take the reigns but wondering how people honestly feel he is the best ever. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

All fair points, Shawnee. Thanks for answering. I just feel that one physical ability he is lacking is greatly restricting this offense. He doesn’t have to be great at throwing the ball 15+ yards but it has to at least be a threat. Teams don’t even have to worry about it, sell out to stop the RO and you might just win the game. Every team that has beat executed just that. It’s just so damn predictable I find it frustrating and I feel having someone that had the ability to sit back and launch the ball from time to time may disrupt that predictability.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

That’s fair, it was more curiosity on my part. The divide is there though and it’s clear to see.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I didn’t really insult him and don’t claim to be better than our coaching staff. However, I do feel they do things wrong sometimes. They aren’t perfect and deserved to be questioned from time to time. It’s not an attack on them.

Edit: Also, this is not another #WhydidntDwaynestart thread. I’m fine with JT being our guy. It was about the question I had for the JT is the greatest ever guys.