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Any 11W Lawyers?

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December 7, 2014 at 3:47pm

Are there any lawyers out there? If so, can any of you offer a bit of advice? I recently moved from Cincy to Cbus as a result of a job change, and I am trying to get rid of my 3 month lease in Cincy. I have tried to work with my complex and they haven't been very accommodating (not that they have to be, I realize I signed the contract). With that said though,  a few friends, and even family members, are suggesting I ask my complex if I can try to work out an arrangement where I vacate the apartment and pay them half of what the remainder of my lease would be, and then and try my luck in small claims court if the complex takes me there. I know nothing about small claims court, but this seems like it might work, as the apartment is already vacant and I am still paying rent and "bundled" utilities. Is this even possible, or if is it a lot more than it's worth? 

To protect the innocent I will not be releasing the name of the complex. 

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