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August 28, 2014 at 12:50pm

Ok Dubber's i have a question i'm hoping someone can help me with here with a laptop. I baught my girlfriend a new laptop about 6 maybe 7 months ago because she wanted a new one.

Let her pick it out which was a hugh mistake on my part LOL because she picked out the most expensive one Dell had but oh well she is worth it i guess just kidding. My problem is not with that laptop it's the old one she had.

We want to give that one to my Niece and her 6 kids so they have some type of computer instead of an old shitty cell phone to get on line with. Being i know VERY little about computers is it that hard to reformate one?

I would like to reformate it before i go into Columbus later next month and drop it off to her in London on my way in as a suprise to her in the kids. But need to make sure it's clean and ready to go for them. So any help here would be greatly appreciated because the only other choice i would have is to drop it off to my computer guy in Groveport to have that work done and repick it up when i go Columbus again a few months later.

Plus it would save me some money right now and at the moment im in a little bit of a bind money wise . Thats why im hoping like hell my VA gets worked out soon so i start getting the money i should have gotten a long time ago.

Again Thanks in Advance for help anyone can give me and wanted to also give a big shout out to Ramsy for that great write up on the Neutron Man the other day as it brought a tear to my eye's. Great work Ramsy but any thing written by you always seem's to come from the heart.

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