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Columbus Arena District/Park Street area

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July 6, 2014 at 11:07pm

This post is more for curiosity sake. 

I graduated in 2005. I'm from Columbus and I stayed here. Moved away from the campus area, but when my friends and I went to go out on weekends (2005-2011 range), it was the the Arena District/Park Street area. Places like Brothers, Gaswerks, Lodge Bar, Park Street Patio, and later Cantina, Saloon, etc. Since then, if we go out, it's places around Grandview, Northwest side around Bethel and Dublin. So I rarely hit up the Arena area except for the CBJ or Clippers games. 

A couple of weeks back, a couple buddies of mine and I went out. Started at Short North Tavern and eventually made our way to Patio and even Gaswerks. This was a Friday night with nice weather. We were all surprised that the Park Street strip was so dead. Lucky if there was 15 people outside at Patio.

Questions: Where is the "trendy" spot in the downtown area or in Columbus in general now? Is it a situation that there is no one spot in town, but multiple spots to go out? 

What I saw at Patio a couple weeks back and hearing the news of the stabbing last night outside Endzone (the old Lodge Bar) made me curious if other things are going on that I am not hearing about.

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