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Comment 21 Nov 2019

It never felt like Drake was a good fit here. A Presidents job is to be a bit of personality, or a salesman. Drake isn’t that guy. 

I didn’t like the way the band issue or the Zach smith issues were handled. They were done out of political expediency or PR. The medical center lost a good bit of talent during his time here. 

The next president has to have some business and sales savvy. You are one of the biggest names in academia and a big figure in a major city. Gee, for all his deals, knew that. I felt Kirwan had a laid back personality but he felt at home in Maryland. Holbrook and Drake just didn’t fit. 

Comment 21 Nov 2019

His name was brought up on another board. They compared him to Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana Governor now at Purdue. I don’t think Kasich would work at OSU. He isn’t a Daniels or a Dan Boren at Oklahoma. He is still a lightning rod across the political spectrum. His personality is an issue, just ask many who lived here in Columbus during his congressional years. 

Comment 29 Oct 2019

I have supported athletes getting some more benefits or even compensation. I don’t know how to get from the current system to the next system. There will be a lot of competing interests pushing agendas here. A lot of unintended consequences will for sure pop up, even some we don’t think about.

Some folks have brought up the Chase Young Kroger example. Stuff like that will happen.

You will see a lot of young people pushing and marketing their own brand. They have the ability to do this on social media. Think Olivia Jade Giannuli before the arrest of her mother. Health and wellness products. Fashion. Books. Journals. Newsletters. 

Where that goes, I don’t know. Sometimes making money for the sake of making money doesn’t bring the best product for the customers. We will see what happens.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Ohio will be slow on passing a similar bill because it’s slow on passing anything. OSU has a lot of pull at the Statehouse. They are not afraid to exert influence either. That said, Florida and Pennsylvania with California bring 3 big states, including a Big 10 state. It puts OSU and Ohio in a bind.

Also, having Gene Smith talk about this in a public way like today is bad PR. He is the worst possible messenger on this. A guy making 7 figures who gets bonuses by athletes winning championships and achieving success, who was suspended for a month from his job last year, is seen as carrying the mantle against these bills. It might be the right message, but it’s the wrong messenger. Then again, OSU PR has always been in touch.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Some of you might remember the Snowball Game in the mid-1990’s between the Chargers and Giants at the old Giants Stadium. Very nasty scene where someone on the Chargers sideline was hit in the head with a hard snowball/ice. After that, there were teams that told season ticket holders that if they sold tickets to people who were ejected from a game, the season ticket holder could be banned too.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I remember a few years ago, when Oklahoma State had an article written by George Dohrmann of SI fame alleging something with the football program, T. Boone came out and strongly defended the university and the program. I’ve been thinking over the years with the controversies that have hit our program that I wish our school had a T. Boone Pickens. Someone who didn’t just write checks and show up at board meetings. Pickens got to know many of the young folks who went through Oklahoma State. 

American business has lost another iconic figure who rose from the pre-baby boom era. We’ve lost Lee Iacocca and Ross Perot this year too. I’ve been fortunate to work with an 80 year old attorney over the last few years. These guys are smart, hard working, funny as all get out, and have a great enthusiasm for life. They look the part too. No such thing as a casual Friday. They don’t subscribe to the baby boomer/Gen X/millennial bull shit. The worst thing you can tell them is “you can’t do that.” Let me tell you what happens, they will do that just to prove you wrong. Retirement? What’s that?

American business could learn from T. Boone Pickens.

Comment 25 Aug 2019

Credit to Popeyes marketing because it seems like they got folks coming in.

I tried Popeyes long ago. It was fine. There used to be a location by me on Bethel in Columbus, which closed and is now a Dunkin Donuts. The KFC down the road is somehow still open. 

I like Chick Fil A. The food is fine. They have some grilled chicken options which I have been trying of late. I’ve been to three locations here in the Columbus area. Grandview, Dublin, and Hilliard. For lunch and dinner. The locations are clean and the service is good. There always seems to be a line and a good crowd at the locations. They are obviously doing something right.

Comment 27 Jul 2019

I posted on the thread earlier this year. I guess I will add a few more. Some of these come from some of the posts above.

1. 2015 was a bigger failure than 1998.

2. One of the defensive coaches from last season would have been canned during the middle of the season at other schools.

3. What the Illinois governors office is to American politics (3 governors jailed since 1970), the OSU head coaching job is to college football (3 coaches gone due to personal wrongdoing or personal judgment errors since 1978). 

4. I’m not sold on Ryan Day.

5. No one is able to fully believe Zach or Courtney. Both of them have stories that are feasible, but both are full of shit. The only answer is we don’t know.

6. While some argue that anti-OSU media conspiracies are crazy, it’s not hard to argue that media outlets have an agenda. At times that agenda has been harmful to OSU.

7. There were members of the media that knew about Zach Smith’s 2013 DUI and didn’t report on it. 

8. Jim Tressel replacing Todd Boeckman with Terrelle Pryor was probably the right decision. However, Tressel’s handling of it behind the scenes was not good and I don’t blame Boeckman for being bitter about it. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Coming to every major program near you. The media public record requested Tressel and Meyer. Well, sometimes you go to the well one time too often. I don’t know if it will be good for college sports, but it is a bold and brilliant idea. 

The media will scream like a cow, but you know a few schools, probably down south, will do this. Then everyone else will have to. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

They noted in their announcement that they were looking at a new location. I remember in the Dispatch they mentioned a suburban location. I wonder where that will be. 

While I bet they do gangbuster business on game days, there probably are a lot of lean days too, such as weekdays. Whatever way you look at it, whether it’s Conrad’s, College Traditions, or Buckeye Corner, they all seem to have done well. 

Comment 08 Jun 2019

Bridge Park is an ambitious project. I think it will do well on the west side of the Scioto. Dublin is trying to get something going on the east bank of the Scioto. For one reason or another, the area from the Scioto River to Sawmill Road has not been able to sustain anything. Dublin Village Center is now just the movie theater. Some of the retail on Sawmill is struggling. Montgomery Inn made a go of it there and closed down. 

OSU themed restaurants haven’t been slam dunk successes in Columbus. Buckeye Hall of Fame couldn’t make it on Olentangy or Grandview Yard. Eddie George’s took over at Grandview Yard after leaving High Street.

Restaurant business is tough. Best of luck to Urban and Chris Corso. 

Comment 08 Jun 2019

It’s more a family outing. No particular type of fishing. There seems to be a lot of history there around Alexandria Bay. It looks very nice on TV and photos. 

Comment 30 May 2019

I listened to the podcasts. There were some interesting insights for Buckeye fans. Zach said he should have been fired after 2015. His football-related insights on Ed Warriner were interesting. There was a lot of talk about Tim Beck being the problem in 2015 and 2016. Zach said Warriner was the problem. It sounds like Warriner is not a beloved figure.

Zach has brought out personal stuff on Herman and Warriner in his podcasts. He obviously has an axe to grind with both. Given what we know about how the Herman’s were involved last year, I wonder if recruits or assistants will be hesitant going to Austin. A lot of folks have or have had personal issues or have close family members who have issues. Sometimes the head coach will know about those issues. Could an assistant or recruit who has had personal issues hesitate on an offer from Herman knowing his baggage might end up relayed to the McMurphys of the world?

Comment 01 Apr 2019

The last two winters were a challenge. The bitter cold with some cabin fever took a toll. I made some lifestyle changes as a result. 

1. Talk with family and friends. Meet up for a meal or activity with them. You will be surprised how talking to people can get bad things off of your mind. You will probably have a good laugh along the way. Texting, phone calls, or emails do not beat personal contact. 

2. Take a look at N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and Gamma-aminobutryic acid (GABA). Do some research on these two. You can get them at Whole Foods, GNC, or on Amazon. 

3. Get active! I know it feels impossible to get out of the house or off the couch. Start with a brisk walk outside (hopefully it’s sunny!). Make it a point to do this every day. Fresh air is good. Then, find a way to hit the weight room and lift weights. I do this every 3rd day now. I get walking laps, stretches, a machine routine, a sauna, and a shower done in 90 minutes. I can go in the morning or after work. I’ve lost 10 pounds since the first of the year. 

4. Focus on your diet. Eat good foods with protein. Drink water and teas. Coffee isn’t bad, but watch the amount you drink and what you put in it. Limit your soda and alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat here or there (I had a scoop of ice cream last night after dinner), but keep it limited. 

5. Make sleep a priority! Find relaxation time before bed. Avoid the phones, tablet, and computer an hour before bed. I do watch TV, but it’s sports or a movie. Read a book. Drink an herbal tea (no caffeine!). Find a reasonable bed time and get good sleep.

6. Meditation. The relaxation before bed helps, but there are other things you can do. One example that I’ve done is I’m going to church. Not everyone likes it, but I go into a space that’s generally quiet for an hour, I turn my phone off, it feels peaceful, and I can schedule stuff before or after the service that I need to do. 

7. Off that last point of scheduling stuff, stay busy. Sure, after that church service, I’ll get a bite to eat, go to the grocery store, etc. Same with work. Do a good job and give it all. Find a second job or a volunteer activity. Do stuff around your place. Whatever it is, always find a couple of things to do each day.