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B1G Schools as Game of Thrones Characters

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June 3, 2014 at 3:20pm

Alright, I first have to admit that I regularly make trips over to MGoBlog to see what those folks up north are talking about. I think of it as recon on the enemy. Kind of like learning Russian so if a Soviet submarine commander ever chooses to defect in a Soviet submarine with a new type of drive we can have a conversation when I go on board in a minisub from the USS Dallas.

Now I'm about to make what is probably a grievous error here on 11W and go so far as to LINK to an MGoBlog article. Blasphemous. 

However, this particular one is amusing. Or at least as amusing as non-11W college football sites get. You can ignore the anti-OSU rhetoric (although I revel in it as I think back on the last decade or so of face to face results), but read through because the last one is arguably the most amusing


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