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EDSBS Charity Drive is on

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May 12, 2014 at 11:47pm

So, in other blog news...okay, in news of other blogs....

Every Day Should Be Saturday, in case you do not have this URL memorized (forget bookmarked), is one of the funnier college football blogs around (especially when Florida is having rough times) and has an annual charity drive to help out immigrants and refugees in the Atlanta, GA area get on their feet after arriving in America.  The drive pits various college fanbases against each other, with recommended donations being favorite rivalry scores ($42.39, $42.41, etc.)  The drive information can be found here, and the donation form may be found here.

For further motivation, please understand that in its many years of existence, the winning college has been TSUN, and that's kinda embarrassing at this point.  This year's prize for the best fanbase - Spencer Hall comes out to the game of the winning school's choice, regardless of weather.  (There is also a prize should the grand total of all pledges reach $30,000, as yet to be determined.)

And, seriously, there are a number of scores worth mentioning to our friends up north.  :-)

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