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Unofficial Petition to Replace "Seven Nation Army" with "Ohio" by The Black Keys

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May 10, 2014 at 11:45am

So a few years back OSU adopted the Buckeye Bounce for students to do while we all loudly chant the famous bass line from Seven Nation Army​ by The White Stripes; its fun, its loud, people jump around and get pumped for the ensuing kick/punt/play/whatever, I'm not denying that. 

Here's my issue with it, everybody does it! We may brand ours as the Buckeye Bounce but honestly that song screams Penn State for me, as they did it a lot longer before we adopted it in earnest. That, however, can be rectified by replacing the bass line from Seven Nation Army​ with the intro from Ohio by The Black Keys! Nobody else will do that chant except maybe the other Ohio Schools, but it will still be attributed to us. Its not a complicated chant, easily heard with 100,000 strong yelling it loudly and it damn well reminds the opposing team who's house they walked into. Texas A&M did Power​ by Kanye West before the Alabama game and it sounded awesome, and was unique compared to Seven Nation Army.

I graduated a few years back and no longer live in the great state of Ohio, so unfortunately I can not assist in this being brought to Ohio State but I know a lot of you are students and possibly even members of Block O, make this happen!

I can't figure out how to place YouTube videos while posting this from a tablet so here is the link to the song I'm referring to:

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