Miami Guard Isaiah Wong Demands Better NIL Deal or He'll Transfer

By Kevin Harrish on April 28, 2022 at 11:01 pm
He demands a raise.
Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Wong wants a bigger NIL deal, or he's transferring.

The Miami guard's NIL agent, Adam Papas, says that his client will enter the transfer portal on Friday if his NIL compensation is not increased, according to ESPN.

"If Isaiah and his family don't feel that the NIL number meets their expectations they will be entering the transfer portal tomorrow, while maintaining his eligibility in the NBA draft and going through the draft process," Papas said.

Wong's discontent with his current NIL compensation comes after the Hurricanes added high-profile transfer Nijel Pack, who signed an NIL deal worth $800,000 over two years plus a car. Pack was also a top Ohio State target.

Apparently, Wong wants that kind of money.

"Isaiah would like to stay at Miami," Papas said. "He had a great season leading his team to the Elite Eight. He has seen what incoming Miami Hurricane basketball players are getting in NIL and would like his NIL to reflect that he was a team leader of an Elite Eight team."

Averaging 15.3 points per game, Wong was Miami's second-leading scorer last season, averaging 33.9 minutes per game.

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