Michigan's Social Media Strategy Remains a Disaster As It Touts Low Missed Tackle Rate in a Weird Social Media Flex

By Kevin Harrish on July 29, 2020 at 4:04 pm
Michigan's social media strategy is a disaster.

As we love to point out again, and again, and again, and again, Michigan's social media game might be in even worse shape than their football team.

We've seen them tout their non-conference scheduling using bowl losses, get clowned for days after asking for favorite Michigan memories from a fanbase that has none, and create actual recruiting graphics featuring five Ohio State greats (my personal favorite).

Now, they're out here flexing one of the more random stats I've ever seen.

I expect Army to tout their time of possession any day now.

Now, I have some sympathy here. When you've lost at least three games each of the past five seasons, finished third or worse in the division four of those five years, lost your last four bowl games and are riding an eight-game losing streak to your biggest rivals, it's not easy to find recruiting material.

But the best part is, this is actually a self-own because there's only one way you could be the surest tackling team in the nation four years running and also give up an average of 59 points a game against your rivals the past two years – get nowhere close to the ballcarrier as he runs past you.

I see no missed tackles here!

Source: @UMichFootball

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