Archie Griffin Says Athletes Deserve More

By D.J. Byrnes on March 28, 2014 at 3:18 pm

Archie Griffin, despite a current losing effort to Jack Nicklaus in the Sports Region's semifinals, remains one of the most popular Buckeyes in history. The sport's only two-time Heisman winner is also current Director of Alumni Relations at Ohio State.

On the other side of the popularity scale, is rabble-rousing from the players in efforts to secure more money (in some cases) or just more scholarship security and medical benefits (in others). 

Today, those issues collided at Ohio State's spring practice. When asked about the recent ruling declaring student-athletes "employees" of the universities, Archie shot it straight. From

“It doesn’t surprise me, I’ll say that,” said Griffin according to The Columbus Dispatch. “We should have seen it coming with college football the way it is today, with the dollars being made, the prices being charged for tickets, and the salaries of coaches and administrators.”

“The players are not blind,” Griffin said. “They see the dollars being made in the game. It’s obvious. That’s kind of why they are where they are. They feel the term amateur is keeping them from getting what they deserve.”

And what would Woody Hayes say about all of this?

“I honestly think Coach would have been for what’s best for the players,” said Griffin.

Before you brush that off, remember: Woody Hayes was put on NCAA probation because he paid his players out-of-pocket, leading to this 1955 Sports Illustrated story about Ohio State's "win or else" culture.

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