Dabo Swinney Doesn't Think College Football Needed the Big Ten: “There’s Been a Lot of Champions Come From Conferences That Were Already Playing”

By Kevin Harrish on September 16, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Dabo doesn't need he Buckeyes

Dabo Swinney welcomes Ohio State and the Big Ten back to the College Football Playoff chase, but he made it pretty clear that he didn't think college football needed or missed them.

In his first comments after the Big Ten announced its plans to start its season the weekend of Oct. 24, Swinney said he has no problem with the Big Ten being included in the college football playoff, even if they play fewer games.

However, he doesn't think the college football season would have meant any less without them.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with it to me. As far as credibility and all that, it’s hard to win. Period. I don’t care who’s in the mix,” Swinney told The State. “The last time I checked there’s been a lot of champions come from conferences that were already playing. So I don’t think it’d have made it any less competitive."

Swinney, however, did concede that having the Buckeyes and the Big Ten involved in the championship chase would make it more fun. And after these comments, we certainly agree.

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