A Bored Associated Press Will Continue to Rank Teams if Football is Played, Because the Hell With It

By Johnny Ginter on August 15, 2020 at 9:36 am
Former Ohio State defensive lineman Chase Young and the media

The Associated Press will continue publishing their Top 25 poll in the event that college football is played, which is great news for the AP and also... I don't know, Vanderbilt, I guess.

“The AP will collect and distribute the votes of our media panel as we always have,” (AP Sports editor Michael) Giarrusso said. “Once games kick off, it does not make sense to rank teams that are not participating. There is no solution that will satisfy every fan or every team. But ranking teams that play is the one that makes the most sense.”

Actually it makes a lot of sense not to rank teams because the AP Top 25 Poll shouldn't be published until October even under normal circumstances, so putting one out without at least two conferences playing is dumb as hell.

Also, who is really clamoring for the AP Top 25 poll in their lives? How many fans are sitting angrily in their recliners going "Damn, losing football sucks, but the real crime here is that I don't get to see if Josh Arbuckle from the Pierre Sentinel-Ledger moved the Jayhawks up a spot to 23."

Still, this does help the AP poll in its quest to rank every SEC team simultaneously. So congrats?

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