Dabo Swinney's TikTok Appearance Is Nightmarishly Cringy, But We Can't Look Away

By Kevin Harrish on May 15, 2020 at 1:45 pm

Sometimes, a coach pretending to be a #teen online is funny and endearing, like Frank Beamer dabbing in the Virginia Tech locker room. Other times it's more cringy than the Scott's Tots episode of The Office.

You can go ahead and file Dabo Swinney firmly into that second category.

On Friday, Dabo made the extremely unfortunate decision to make an appearance on TikTok – the latest social media craze among our nation's youths – and we are all the victims.


The man youve all been waiting for... William Christopher Swinney SR ##fyp ##dabodrip

original sound - wilburrr1

It's like a train wreck that you can't stop watching

I'm praying this is used as negative recruiting in some capacity. Just go ahead and blast it to every teen in the country with the caption, "You don't really want to play for that cheese dick, do you?"

Pro tip to Ryan Day and staff: if you're thinking of getting into the TikTok game, do not. If you decide to do it anyway, please just stick to doing the fun dances badly. That is safe content we would all enjoy.

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