The SEC Will Have a Ton of New Coaches Next Season, and They All Could Be Screwed

By Johnny Ginter on July 8, 2018 at 9:42 pm
Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher
© C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC has a ton of new coaches in 2018. Florida, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State are all breaking in new blood in the hopes that they won't suck as badly as the last guys did.

What I'm very excited for is the idea that most of them (with the exception of Dan Mullen and Jimbo Fisher, and hell, maybe even including Dan Mullen and Jimbo Fisher) will at the very least struggle to find their footing in 2018, which might be part of a larger trend of the SEC kind of sucking ass in the semi-near future.

No conference underwent more head coaching turnover this cycle than the SEC. Six of the league’s 14 programs made changes, one of which involved a sitting HC in the West Division filling a vacancy in the East Division, and another of which included an embarrassingly haphazard search process following vigorous social media pushback to a potential hire.

You know how a lot of you guys want to see Michigan crash and burn forever and never win a single game of note until the end of time? Well, that's how I feel about the entirety of the SEC. Here's hoping.

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