Slay Travis: Making it Rain Following Last Weekend's Winning Picks and a Lookahead to Week Three

By Ray C. Vitals on September 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Tom Herman and the Longhorns are heavy underdogs as they travel to USC this weekend.

"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." -Bill Gates

Winning $6.40 has never felt this good.

Following a first week that was devastating to the account and my own personal psyche, we have earned a little bit of cash thanks to week two of the college football season.

The returns from week two were immense.
Six dollars and forty cents.

With our winnings we could purchase about three gallons of gas or perhaps something nice from a local Subway or KFC. Tragically, a burrito bowl (chicken) from Chipotle is about 10 cents out of our reach.

We were successful on four of our seven picks. The one we didn't feel especially confident on  – Alabama -44 vs. Fresno State – was of course one of the misses. South Carolina, Southern California, and Clemson all came through, so those schools are deserving of a shoutout.

Notre Dame was favored by four points over Georgia, and we begrudgingly had the Fighting Irish in that one. The game ended up being a good one with the Bulldogs coming out on top 20-19. Chalk that one up as one of the week's misses, but you won't ever see me complaining about a Notre Dame loss—especially when it causes an emotional breakdown for Brian Kelly.

The premise:

  • No analysis is involved as we are just making the opposite picks. None of this actually reflects our thoughts, opinions, or insight.
  • For now we are sticking with $10 on each line. Please note that the lines do move throughout the week.
  • Ohio State won't be included on our end.

Clay's Week Three Picks:

11W Week Three Picks:

Kentucky (+6.5) @ South Carolina, OVER 50 points

Pittsburgh (+13.5) vs. No. 9 Oklahoma State

Memphis (+3.5) vs. No. 25 UCLA

No. 3 Clemson (-3.5) @ No. 14 Louisville

No. 24 Florida (-4.5) vs. No. 23 Tennessee, OVER 49 points

Texas A&M (-24) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Mississippi State (+7.5) vs. No. 12 LSU

No. 18 Kansas State (-4) @ Vanderbilt, OVER 50.5 points

Texas @ No. 4 USC, UNDER 68 points

California (+4) vs. Ole Miss, UNDER 73 points

Where Things Stand:

  • Initial Funds: $500
  • Previous Week: +$6.40(!)
  • Current Funds: $433.67
  • Pending Bets: 14
  • Pending Funds: $140

Taking a look at the week three picks and a few things instantly pop out as a tad bit worrisome.

South Carolina looks like a well-oiled machine right now so I don't have a whole lot of confidence in Kentucky keeping that one close. The over in the Florida game also is a bit worrisome. The Gators haven't had much of an offense in a number of years and I hate taking the over in any game that involves such an awful unit.

Clemson (-3.5) over Louisville looks good on paper much like the Tigers (5.5) against Auburn looked last weekend. Hopefully we see some similar results. USC is favored by 16 points over the Longhorns, and while the line itself isn't on our card this week, that one could be a bloodbath for Texas Tom at the Coliseum.

Good vibes heading into week three as we look to keep up the winning ways. #GetRich #ShootersShoot

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