One-Time Ohio State Recruit Danny Clark Covers Up Ohio State Tattoo

By 11W Staff on February 4, 2017 at 10:13 am
Former Ohio State commit Danny Clark's new ink.

Still the Prototype, but no longer an Ohio State type, former Ohio State quarterback commit Danny Clark (now at Kentucky) has given up the ship on his Block O tattoo.


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Here's a before and after, for comparison's sake:

Danny Clark, before and after

Clark got the tattoo while still a student at Archbishiop Hoban in Akron, and had this to say about it after moving on to another school in the wake of Ohio State signing Tate Martell:

“No thoughts of removing it,” Clark said Friday in his first interview as a Wildcat. “If it becomes such a big deal for people it can be covered up in an hour. So it’s not really a big deal.”

Turns out that it really wasn't a big deal for Clark, and instead of having a giant Block O on his arm, he now has a giant lion instead. As per usual, the lesson is that tattoos in general remain a crapshoot of epic proportions, and even moreso when you associate them with something as fickle as college football recruiting.

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