Michigan Schadenfreude: 'More Fight From a Hoke Team, LOL'

By D.J. Byrnes on November 28, 2015 at 5:35 pm
Michigan fans deal with the fallout of a 42-13 waxing at the hands of their arch-rivals.

Let Michigan fans tell it, and their team entered today's clash with Ohio State as the nation's best two-loss team.

Rivalry aside, who could blame them? For Michigan, it's been morbid since Jim Tressel and a No. 1 Ohio State triumphed over No. 2 Michigan in 2006.

All of that changed, however, when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh once fulfilled a guaranteed victory against Ohio State. He also lost to his younger brother in the Super Bowl.

Combine these two things—along with Michigan not beating a non-interim Ohio State coach since 2003—and it's easy to see why Michigan fans believed they were due.

Oh, and did they believe.

From mogoblog.com's live thread; we start at the beginning:

My mom: "His name is 'Urban?' What kind of drugs was she on?"

plz football baby jesus, Give this to the wolverines

I haven't felt this in a long time.

This is our day, your time. Its the year of Harbaugh and nothing is going to stand in this teams way. Lets destroy the buckeyes. GO BLUE!!!

Beat OSU. Their tears are delicious.

We need this. We want this. We will have this.

This game is for all the buckeyes who called our team no talent scrubs earlier this season.

Time to give OSU a butt kicking!

Not very nervous for some reason.  We will be fine.  The future is bright.

It's time. Harbaugh is here. Change is here. Victory is here over the hated Buckeyes. Go Blue

Too much red in the stands. But won't matter, today, JH coaches his ass off and we send these a holes back to Columbus losers.

Bold flavors and bold takes there. Let's see how it plays out. Back to the game:

Power football. Looking good

Even though that option pass by Jabrill did not work it will make the defense think about it. 

Maybe our D will actually force a turnover today. Then again, maybe I'll win the lottery.

fuck we dont do well vs running QBs

smh man our linebackers have weights on their feeet

Too much red in the stadium.

[D.J. Durkin] is like a crazy person smiling all the time. I love it. He just looks like he is having a blast. Hope he sticks around for a while n

Wow this defense is good

We can move the ball on these assholes.

Ok. I am officially confident we can move the ball on them. Let us get a TD.

Kalis is so bad

Kalis?!? what was that!?!

Kalis gets beat. Stands there blocking nobody.

Its time to put the pain on that bitch from Missouri

Crush Elliott

The annual OSU runs for 50 yards on one play continues.

Big plays given up every. Single. Game. To them

Bench bolden. God damn that guy is terrible

Of course they get a fucking touchdown after all that. God I hate Ohio State.

LInebackers are garbage what else is new. 

By now, Michigan fans are starting to feel the creeping dread they've come to know against Ohio State. Let's fast forward a bit and see where we land in the Michigan Man experience:

I can't watch another osu win. I fucking hate this

This is (still Hoke's) Michigan 

im still pissed that we have to put joe bolden back out there. Linebacker recruiting has been terrible over the last few years

*hits fast forward button*

Again!!!! fUCk 

This is a fucking disgrace

Welp boys. Time to turn up the alcohol intake.

We are going to lose.

It's already over.

Our traditional inability to stop anyone good. Our defense is going to give up 40.

What a fucking letdown.

Just don't see it guys.  Shit.

We can't getting a friggin yard rushing. Rudock has to perform miracles to move the ball. OSU just freaking runs straight at us and we just watch them run past

One man, however, held out hope:

We are winning this thing. I don't care if they ran all over us. We finally have a QB who can throw the ball. We are going to win this.

Let's see how it played out.


Soft. That's the only way to describe them.

Well, for all of JH's celebrity, he still has a lot more work to do.


Just getting getting absolutely punked. We're not very smart.

This is an embarrassment.

Please wave the white flag. This is just going to get worse. They are on a whole different level than us.

If you're going to play manball you gotta have men. We don't!

Well, time for the magical Michigan mantra.

Just wait until next year.

Need Hoke on the sideline. At least he kept it close.

Durkin getting basically clowned here

We are also a couple of plays away from 11-0

The only reason this game is a rivalry, is because it used to be a rivalry. We haven't shown up for years. We barely beat Fickell. Until we actually win twice in a 2-5 year span, we are just Ohio State's bitch. Basically an automatic Win for them over the last decade+.

4th and 1 and Michigan still refused to stack the line of scrimmage. Coaching like cowards

So frustrating to be 1-7 in last 8 against Sparty and 1-10 in last 11 against Ohio.  Frustrating but at the same time the sting is lessening on these losses.  We will try again next year and hope Jim has the players and has his team prepared.


Oh, you thought this ended at the live thread? From the Mgoblog postgame:

100% worst thing ever

Fuck Ohio St and that fucking douchebag Urbs. Fuck'em all. One more thing. FUCK.

Is there a power program that has been worse in rivalry games in the last decade than Michigan? I can't think of one. To be honest, hasn't been real fun to be a Michigan football fan for a long while.

So much for Durkin's "I'm 100% focused on this week's game" as an answer to questions about interviewing for the HC job at Maryland.  Durkin's focus was elsewhere this week, and it looked like that wavering focus trickled down to insufficient game planning. 

The curse of Michigans failure to get with the times lives on!

We won't win a bowl game, whatever it may be without Rudock. 

Praying we don't get matched up with TCU or Baylor... or oSu for that matter. 

Those offenses will destroy us. 

This was sad because this was a pretty good Michigan team. Amazing that OSU has our number so bad that they can throttle one of our best teams of the last devade

a big setback...not losing but HOW we lost ...It always seem like the OSU players want this game more...The defense was horrid..just horrid..If Rudock is out the bowl game goes out the window and we  end the year with 2 losses...WTF just happened...AGAIN

I just hope the recruits visiting this weekend had strong stomachs and weren't scared off.

Me right now:

Get dumped then, Michigan
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