Some NCAA Footballers Want EA Sports' NCAA Football Back on the Shelves

By D.J. Byrnes on July 22, 2014 at 10:41 am

Normally at this time, the yearly rendition of EA Sports' NCAA Football franchise would be flying off the shelves.

NCAA Football '15, however, will never come to be due to being scrapped in the wake of the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA and a separate lawsuit (which the NCAA settled on out of court for $20 million) in which former players argued their names and likenesses were knowingly sold to EA Sports. 

Some NCAA footballers, however, want the game back on the shelves.

From Jon Solomon of CBS Sports:

"Give us the NCAA Football 15 [video game]," [Georgia Tech offensive lineman Shaquille] Mason said. "We used to play it every day. We used to say during fall that would get us through the camp playing the game. That really was a blow."

Georgia wide receiver, Chris Conley, who is on the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, is open to bringing the game back, but it has to happen in the right way:

"Put it this way: There's no way you can tell me that a guy who's 6-3 from Georgia, has my skin tone and wears my number and lines up in the same place is not me in the video game," Conley said. "So that rubs me wrong. Now the way we go about it, whether it's canceling the game or finding compensation, we have to look at that."

Boston College center Andy Gallik appears to be between the two:

Boston College center Andy Gallik said players sometimes discuss getting paid, "but at the same time we've come to the realization where I'm at a school where I don't have to pay a dime of my $250,000 for tuition. ... I'm a little disappointed the game is gone. Every year all of the college guys would be excited to see our faces in the college game and pretend to be ourselves." 

Personally, I was always a Madden guy. 

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