ESPN: Ohio State has the 10th Best Scoreboard in the Country

By D.J. Byrnes on July 3, 2014 at 10:33 am

How do you know it's the college football off-season? The Worldwide Leader is running a listicle on college football scoreboards, and I'm re-blogging it.

According to ESPN, Ohio State merely has the tenth best scoreboard in the country. Most fans would be satisfied with this ranking, but Ohio State fans aren't most fans.

Here's the conglomerate's rub:

10. Ohio State: The Buckeyes' high-def Panasonic scoreboard measures 42 feet by 124 feet and has an array of 25 speakers on each side. You get great picture quality along with fantastic sound. The fans also are offered some pretty neat extras, like videos of student-athletes and teams, interactive features with former Buckeyes and quality player introductions.

Well, Ohio State beat out the likes of Baylor and Minnesota, so I guess that's something to hang their hat on.

As for me, I feel Ohio State should have a scoreboard that can be seen from the moon. Priorities, amirite? 

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