Iowa Assistant Coach Quits to Run Culver's Franchise

By Nicholas Jervey on April 20, 2014 at 6:45 pm
It tastes like Midwestern-ness.

Iowa has – rather, had – a recruiting coordinator by the name of Eric Johnson who decided to resign from Iowa under unusual circumstances. 

Now, from time to time college coaches get out of the football business; former Florida and Illinois coach Ron Zook worked at a bank before getting back into football earlier this year. But I'm pretty sure there hadn't been any coach who left for the fast-food industry, until now:

Franchising Culver's restaurants is a good career move; those fried cheese curds and Butterburgers are to die for (no, I am not a paid spokesman). Nevertheless, until Mark Dantonio resigns to become a farmer this is the most #B1G thing to ever happen in the Midwest.

Source: @HawkeyeCoachEJ

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