Three-Star Teen Releases Tolkien-Like Fantasy Commitment Video, Commits to Numerical Concept Instead of Football Team

By Kevin Harrish on October 15, 2020 at 9:48 pm
I have no idea.

Commitment videos typically clarify a prospect's future plans, but we're all significantly more confused after Kristian Zachary's commitment video than before.

The three-star defensive end out of Carrollton, Georgia dropped a special-effects-laden video that vibes more like a cross between a Tolkien film and a moral combat video game than a football commitment video.

Adding to the confusion is that Zachary didn't actually commit to a college football program, but rather a numerical concept? You'll just have to watch the video, though I'm afraid it's not going to provide you with any of the clarity you're undoubtedly seeking.

The good news is, Zachary explained his video and decision to Chad Simmons of The bad news is, his explanation clarifies absolutely nothing. If anything, I'm significantly more confused.

Zachary, who often refers to himself as Reverend 7, released his commitment video, but it concluded with many wondering who he committed to.

“I’ve always been committed to the 7,” said Zachary

.“It was up to other schools to make themselves the 7; however they were unsuccessful. To those that know me and have learned through all my posts what I’m about; it should be pretty clear where I’ve chosen to continue my career and education.“

For everyone else; it will be revealed post haste....”

... I guess I'll be waiting for post haste.

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