Minnesota Safety: Devin Gardner "Panics A Lot"

By D.J. Byrnes on October 3, 2013 at 10:21 am
If you thought there'd be another image in a Buckshot involving Devin Gardner, you'd be wrong.

The most prestigious UM in the Big Ten is playing Michigan this week; it's a "rivalry" that will be played for The Little Brown Jug, which is weird because it doesn't involve ponies. Regardless, Minnesota safety Cedric Thompson has a theory about where a bulk of Gardner's interceptions have come from. 

Take it away, MLive.com:

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner has heard plenty of opinions about why he's struggled to stop throwing interceptions this season.

On Wednesday, Minnesota safety Cedric Thompson offered his take to Marcus Fuller of the Pioneer Press in Minneapolis.

"I think he kind of, just, panics a lot," Thompson said in a video interview. "I think when he scrambles, he kind of just throws the ball, that's where a lot of his picks come. But then some of his picks come from tipped balls. It's tough for a quarterback to get unlucky with tipped balls."

Well, Mr. Thompson was was certainly right about the interception thrown in the GIF above, at least.

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