Bradley Roby is Counting on You to Do Your Part Saturday

By Jason Priestas on September 26, 2013 at 3:12 am

Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby met with reporters last night and the quote machine did what he does best, filling notebooks with one-liners and bold flavors.

Roby on...

The matchup: “When someone takes what's yours, you're not going to be happy about it. The next time you see them, it's going to be a fight.”

The alternate uniforms: “There's something about wearing a different uniform that makes you play a little better.”

Wisconsin being the king of the Big Ten: “We know we're the kings. We're not worried about anyone else.”

But, it was his quote about night games that brought down the house. “I love night games - everybody's watching. It's electrifying. People have all day to get drunk and stuff like that so it's going to be crazy.”

You heard the man. Do your part, citizen Buckeye.

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