Brady Hoke: Good Human

By Ramzy Nasrallah on July 22, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Brady Hoke was recently told about 12-year old Grant Reed, who named his brain tumor "Michigan" because he wanted to beat it so badly. And like all beings capable of feeling emotion, he was moved. And he acted:

Monday, Hoke called Grant and his family at their Bellville, OH home with words of encouragement… and an offer.

Hoke offered the family four tickets to this year's Ohio State-Michigan game.

Grant's father, Troy, said his son did not hesitate to answer the coach. "He gave a very clear yes—he's very excited."


Troy says Hoke told Grant that he needs to keep on working hard to beat Michigan and that the two made some small talk on the phone.

"It's getting hard to keep my dislike for them, because they've been so classy and unbelievable to us."

This came on the heels of the University of Michigan's official Twitter account cheering Grant on as well:

So Grant - who will be a special guest at the first Skull Session of the season prior to the Buffalo home opener - will be making the trip to Ann Arbor this November as a guest of the Wolverines. The Rotary Club of Jackson, MI even offered to pick up the hotel bill for his family.

But this time it will be different: He won't have to beat Michigan. He'll just be rooting for the Buckeyes to do it.

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