Will Muschamp Calls Out Ohio State for Turning Gators In

By Jason Priestas on July 16, 2013 at 1:52 pm
Will Muschamp took a shot at Ohio State at SEC media days

Two weeks ago, sources connected with the Florida Gators told Fox Sports the Ohio State coaching staff had turned in the Gators for a secondary NCAA violation related to an improper "bump," or contact between the Florida staff and a prospect.

Urban Meyer was quick to deny the charge, telling the Gainesveille Sun that there was "zero coach involvement" and an Ohio State spokesman doubled down, telling ESPN Meyer was unaware of the report "until well after it was done."

At SEC media days today, Muschamp was asked about the incident and didn't hold back: 

We get it, you're salty. But did you have to go Hoke on us?

A little bit later:

Shots. Fired.

Source: @Andy_Staples

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