Se'von Pittman Transfers to Akron

By Kyle Rowland on June 27, 2013 at 11:16 am

It's been almost four months since Se'von Pittman left the Ohio State football program. He's finally landed at his next destination: Akron. 

Pittman, from nearby Canton, left Ohio State due to off-the-field issues and indicated that Louisville was his top transfer choice. He originally committed to Michigan State in 2012, but joined the Urban Express after Meyer was hired in November of that year. Pittman did not play in 2012 after suffering a knee injury in the spring. 

Bill Greene, of, spoke to Pittman about his transfer process:

"Like a lot of football players before me, I owe a lot to (former Ohio State head coach) Jim Tressel, and he played a big part in me coming to Akron," he added. "Coach Tress is not coaching at Akron, but he is still involved helping young people, like he always has in the past. Coach (Terry) Bowden went to Coach Tressel and asked about me, both as a person and as a player. Coach Tress knew me since I was a sophomore in high school, and we were very close."

Interestingly, Ohio State did not limit Pittman's transfer. It allowed him to go to any school of his choosing. 

"Ohio State was great to me, and I need to thank them for all they did for me, especially (administrative assistant) Greg Gillum and (defensive line coach) Mike Vrabel," he explained. "They have said throughout this process that I should call them if I needed anything, and they would help me in any way. They said they were only a phone call away."

Source: @BillBankGreene

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