Ohio State Football's Video Team is Crushing It

By Jason Priestas on May 15, 2013 at 6:25 am

10 days ago, we were treated to a weapons-grade Ohio State hype video that Russell Hoeflich and Mark Smith, members of the athletic department's Video Services team, put together for a meeting with Nike on the west coast. Today, we're treated to a sequel prequel of sorts.

Unlike the first video, which found its way to YouTube before getting pulled (but not before it had been cloned and uploaded by other fans), the second video is hosted on the mothership and is, unfortunately, not embeddable.

Carrying a description of "Lockerroom video from the 12-0 Ohio State football team," this new video features highlights, behind the scenes speeches from the bowels of Spartan Stadium and Camp Randall, and a production level that would indicate Hoeflich and Smith's involvement ahem... we're being told is the mark of David Trichel.

At one point, Urban Meyer implores his troops: "There's only one way to do it. We start right of the bat and you don't miss, you don't graze them, you don't duck. You hit them right between the eyes. Earn your respect. At some point, it's going to happen and it starts right now. EARN YOUR RESPECT."

You can view it by clicking the play icon above, or by following this link.

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