Eleven Dubcast: The Top Hat Job

By Johnny Ginter on February 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm
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Victory! Oh sweet, sweet victory, your tangy juices blend with the booze in our mouths like so many Mattaritaville cocktails.

I think at this point we might as well just accept the fact that Ohio State basketball, like much of life, is an emotional roller coaster with little rhyme or reason. One week you're getting your heart ripped out by Wisconsin and Bo Ryan's smug douche face, and the next week you're inexplicably beating one of the best teams in the country into a bloody pulp.

To help us parse through this wild, weird world that Thad Matta has constructed for us, we bring on 97.1 The Fan's Lori Schmidt to talk a little shooty hoops with us. In addition to being a crackerjack reporter, Lori is also a basketball official (and a blogger herself), so herein you shall learn the secrets of just how Aaron Craft is able to infuriate the opposition without committing fouls (hint: it involves dark magics unseen before human eyes).

Also Ask Us Anything! You can ask us anything about whatevs by dropping us a line at elevendubcast@gmail.com, and this week we take on what has become the go-to question on the internet. Here's how everything shook out:

0:19- Sarah and I take a long, contented gaze at the Michigan State game, where Ohio State showed up pretty darn well despite a weak contribution from their BMOC.

10:41- Lori Schmidt comes on to talk a little Buckeye basketball, and also to look at where the program is right now overall under the auspices of one Thaddeus Matta.

29:34- Ask Us Anything, PLUS a little combine talk where I go off on a weird rant and Sarah is polite enough to not tell me I have begun foaming at the mouth.

42:02- Everything about this is a lie, Sarah is both a master of the Electric Slide and all manners of Trivial Pursuit.

That's it for this week, music for the Dubcast was Junior Senior's Move Your Feet, Funkadelic's Can You Get To That, and a little Led Zep by way of What Is And What Should Never Be. And that's it! See you guys next week.

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