Eleven Dubcast: Seoul Shake

By Johnny Ginter on January 9, 2013 at 12:00 pm
Beilein's newest recruit

Back on track, Sarah and I decided to tackle the beast headlong for this episode: we will not and did not shy away from the most pressing subjects of the day, such as "what is the best Rob Schneider movie?" "Is there a 'best' Rob Schneider movie?" "What's the deal with the Ohio State's offense in b-ball right now?" And of course, "How much inner rage did Urban Meyer have to suppress while standing on the sideline of the BCS Championship game?"

To help us answer at least one of those questions, and to gauge the Michigan game matchup this coming weekend, we've brought on Daniel Wasserman. Daniel works the basketball beat for the UM student newspaper, the Michigan Daily, and while he does an admirable job at being both professional and informative I can't resist a Brady Hoke crack at the end of the interview. Sorry (not sorry).

Also Ask Us Anything (which you can do at elevendubcast@gmail.com)! This week Sarah and I decide how we would ruin each other's lives in a Freaky Friday type of situation, and also try to determine the worst BCS bowl game this year. Neither of which are particularly difficult questions. Here's how things shook out!

0:20- Sarah and I talk about the recent Illinois drubbing, and then move on to happier topics, like the SEC winning yet another national title.

12:07- Daniel Wasserman joins us, and gives us more than the daily recommended allowance of Michigan basketball facts. He also makes Sarah and I feel old.

27:25- Ask Us Anything, with some super weird questions. My favorite.

Music for the Dubcast this week was Die, All Right! by the Hives, My Sunken Treasure by the Duke Spirit, and Send A Message To Her by Beck. And that's it! See you guys next week.