Eleven Dubcast: Turkeys Away

By Johnny Ginter on November 21, 2012 at 12:01 pm

I learn a lot about myself during Michigan week. My capacity for anger, my complete inability to recognize logic and reasoning, and why so many people tend to find Ohio State fans obnoxious and irritating. Yes. I accept all of this.

Jim Tressel, in dog form

I accept it because I know that all of that pent up rage is in the service of a greater good; beating Michigan in a contest of foot-ball in late November is literally the most patriotic and genuinely American thing that I can do for this country. I am not a brave man individually, but with the combined might of hundreds of thousands of Ohio State alumni, I can muster up the courage to make a podcast that tells the world how I feel about That School Up North.

Today, Sarah and I look deep into the bowels of hell, and Brian Cook from MGoBlog stares back at us from the abyss. He is our Virgil, and today we sink deep into the morass that is Brady Hoke's Michigan Wolverines.

Dare you, stranger? Dare you take the plunge with us on this fateful afternoon?

0:21- Wisconsin. Michigan. The secrets of the universe. Sarah and I make a valiant effort to talk about the Wisconsin game, but giddyness overtakes us.

15:15- Brian Cook leads us onward, and gives us a Denard update and fills us in on his feelings about the Rivalry and how he expects his cadre of fiends and demons to fare on Saturday.

32:54- Ask Us Anything (elevendubcast@gmail.com)! A weird detour to be sure, but at least my terrible secret is revealed for all to hear.

53:35- Christmas in November.

Music for the Dubcast this week was a delightful mashup with some Busta, and Just Couldn't Tie Me Down and Ohio by Ohio's own, The Black Keys.

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