A Moment with Jim Tressel

By Jason Priestas on October 4, 2012 at 1:41 am

Jim Tressel made his debut with WKYC and in the segment, he touches on team spirit, the power of the Olympics and the importance of personal achievements contributing to the team:

"I was once asked 'What's the most important characteristic of a championship team?' The word that popped into my mind was 'unselfishness'. Every championship team I've been with has been unselfish. Guys weren't worried about their rushing stats or how many tackles they made. They were concerned mostly with the team."

It was nice to see Tress on camera again and his message rings true, but he may have to add a little zest to his stories if he wants to make me a regular. We're going to need the dirt on the locker room after the '07 BCS Championship Game, or at the very least, a reflection on his halftime speech at the Superdome last January.

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