Eleven Dubcast: You've Got to Be a Football Hero

By Johnny Ginter on July 25, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Scandals! Punishments! Pantyhose! Abed and Peggy Olson fighting to the death! It's all here on this week's Dubcast, where Sarah and I discuss the neverending existential quandary that is college athletics. Now, I understand that some of you might be sick of talking about the problems at Penn State, but a) it's possibly the biggest and most significant college sports story in history, b) a major rival (yeah I said it) of Ohio State has been completely decimated by NCAA penalties, and c) if you think you've got it bad, imagine how Chris Grovich feels.

Chris (of Slow States, formerly of Black Shoe Diaries) was kind enough to come on with us this week, and if you want to get a Penn State perspective on all of this, he's the guy to listen to. Cloying Dubcast teaser jokes aside, his answer about college football culture is amazing and brings to light some serious truth to what the NCAA sanctions will actually accomplish.

And of course, our Ask Us Anything (elevendubcast@gmail.com to literally ask us anything) segment rolls on as we discuss the finer things in life, including the obvious clubhouse cancer that is Joey Votto. Thank God he's out of the picture.

0:19- Penn State discussion, but also the Olympics and Friday Night Lights (a show which I have never seen a full episode of, as you will no doubt realize towards the end of this segment)

20:51- The amazing and aforementioned Chris Grovich joins us and gives us perspective on all things Penn State and NCAA related with his soothing radio voice. If I ever have to hear bad news in my life, I want it to be delivered to me by Chris Grovich. And not my mom holding back giggles like when she told me my goldfish died by jumping out of the bowl RIP BABY BELUGA.

41:02- Ask Us Anything! It's weird, as usual, which I like very much. Ask us anything by sending us an e-mail at elevendubcast@gmail.com!

55:02- Joey Votto. I hate that guy.

Music this week is from Sleeper Agent with Get It Daddy, Radiohead's Karma Police (because what's subtlety?), and Gnarls Barkley coming through in a pinch with Storm Coming. And that's it! Enjoy the rest of July!

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