Eleven Dubcast: The Master Plan

By Luke Zimmermann on January 12, 2012 at 11:00 am
Never Google our heroine's last name. Ever.A fate fit for the Hoosiers.

The Eleven Dubcast is back.

Women and children first in this edition as the #trollgaze'ing-est college football season on record is finally laid to rest. Ohio State had a fairly unsatisfying basketball week as well really not finding themselves until the second quarter against Iowa and never really asserting themselves in Champaign.

I was saying "Boo-urns". While losing is never fun, you know what else isn't? Ignorance. In an attempt to sate our collective quest for knowledge, Johnny and I open ourselves up, dig deep, and attempt to answer the most important questions in the universe.

We also preview the forthcoming grudge match with the Indiana basketball Hoosiers. Kill it (with fire, preferably). As has become the tradition of late (two is a trend; three is forever), we also read an actual readers' comment on air. Job well done, comrades. If this is your first time experiencing this you're about to experience something so cold.

  • 0:40 - Alabama/LSU was so atrocious that it legitimately made us want to hate college football (and with good reason).
  • 10:33 -We hit on the Iowa game. This one was your classic weird, disjointed first half coupled with as fairly unimpressive of a blowout second half as a team can muster. There were some telltale signs and consistency issues that may have been a call to arms leading into Tuesday's stomach punch, but the end result certainly made us all feel great at the time (hey, the box score was convincing enough!)
  • 13:08 - We begin to explore just what the hell happened in the Illinois game. Was the team over confident? Did they buy into too much too soon? What if this team isn't as good as we think they are/want them to be?
  • 18:21 - We introduce what will hopefully be an off-season favorite, a segment we're tenatively calling "Ask Us Anything". Have some questions about Ohio State basketball? We would like to answer them. Ohio State football? We'd love to give it a stab. Curious about which recruits to keep an eye out on? Maybe best reserved for a future guest, but ask us anyway, and we'll totally feign authority. Want help with that next home improvement project or have some worries about your presentation at that next big meeting? Send them our way. We're renaissance men, really. You can do so, by the way, by e-mailing us here. If we fail to get enough submissions, we'll turn to the infinite abyss of enlightenment that is Yahoo! Answers because really, if we don't answer their questions, who will?
  • 34:53 - We look ahead to the grudge match, the actual rematch, Indiana v. Ohio State II: This Time, It's Quasi-Personal. Can William Buford get right? Will Aaron Craft revert to his old new form? Even if you can't get up for college basketball in January (hey, it's the Hoosiers, and they beat this team two'ish weeks ago, what's wrong with you?), Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer will be on hand to introduce, for the very first time, his staff. That's worth your going/watching/attending/hating IU. Promise.

This episode's opener is The Shin's "Simple Song". Our post break transitional piece is I'm From Barcelona's "Jenny". The closer is Real Estate's "Younger Than Yesterday".

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