Here's What We Know

By Jason Priestas on November 18, 2011 at 3:09 pm

So, last night's tweet generated a bit of chatter, eh?

Responses to that tweet break down between outright jubilation (70%), proper skepticism (25%) and efforts to discredit us by some in more traditional media (5%).

While we can't blame the skeptics, it's worth pointing out our track record. We hear a lot of chatter, but we only come forward with things we're virtually certain about. Like this. Or this. We were flamed for breaking both of those, but you know how they turned out.

Before we dive into what we do know, it's important to point out what we're not saying:

  • Urban Meyer was in Columbus yesterday or anytime in the last couple of weeks.
  • There is a contract in place between Urban Meyer and Ohio State.

Regardless of what you may have heard, we've said nothing about Meyer visiting Columbus nor have we indicated that a contract has been signed between Meyer and Ohio State.

Now, here's what we do know based off of multiple sources that have a proven track record with delivering timely information to us:

  • There has long been mutual interest between Ohio State and Urban Meyer.
  • Urban has agreed in principle to take the position next year. Numbers have been exchanged and agreed upon via back-channel talks.
  • Ohio State and Meyer are waiting for the NCAA to deliver its verdict, after which time, the announcement of Meyer as the new head coach will take place.
  • Both parties are on the same page with regards to what they expect to hear from the NCAA. Both parties believe the NCAA's punishment will not be an obstacle to Meyer taking the job.
  • While early December has been floated, the university is hoping to hear back from the NCAA later this month.
  • LSU offensive coordinator Greg Studrawa, a Fostoria native who coached with Meyer at Bowling Green, is very much in play to become a member of Meyer's staff at Ohio State.

That's what we know at this time. We'll continue to deliver news that we're confident in as it comes our way. We have a five year history of being conservative with what we break and we're proud of not rushing to break news just to have it first.


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