Tressel Resigns

By Chris Lauderback on May 30, 2011 at 8:59 am

We could sense things were escalating over the last few days and according to Ken Gordon and the Dispatch, Jim Tressel has resigned. 

Luke Fickell will be the interim head coach. A search for a permanent replacement will not start until after the 2011-12 season is complete.

Despite a feeling the walls were closing in, we're still a little stunned to share the news. Gee sent a memo containing the following to OSU trustees this morning:

" I write to let you know that later this morning we will be announcing the resignation of Jim Tressel as head coach of the University's football program. As you all know, I appointed a special committee to analyze and provide advice to me regarding issues attendant to our football program. In consultation with the senior leadership of the University and the senior leadership of the Board, I have been actively reviewing the matter and have accepted Coach Tressel's resignation.

My public statement will include our common understanding that throughout all we do, we are One University with one set of standards and one overarching mission. The University's enduring public purposes and its tradition of excellence continue to guide our actions."


Wow. Hard to believe how the end of the Tressel Era unfolded. 

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