Friday Skull Session

By Luke Zimmermann on April 29, 2011 at 6:00 am
All swag, all the time.Skull Cap Session. Amirite?

Hello my fellow Buckeye brethren. And allow me (if you would) to emphasize brethren. Ohio State degree holders, multi-degree holders, Columbus natives, Ohio natives, neighboring states, well wishers, friends, fans, bandwagon jumpers, and others. Regardless of your creed, origin, or how you came to donning the Scarlet and Gray, we all fall underneath the same sun. We may disagree with one another and find certain opinions some of us have far fetched, but that's hardly a reason for a personal attacks or otherwise engage in some kind of ostracization for simply not sharing our personal states of mind. Inevitably in a time of crisis, some of us are bound to feel one way, some others are bound to embrace another. This is simple human nature, but it's hardly a reason to patronize or put down if others don't happen to feel a certain way. Sure, debate or intellectual discourse is always encouraged, but slurs and derogatory statements? I know we're better than that. And externally, in the comment areas of third party regional and national sites where perhaps they don't have quite as much to talk about at this time of year going full on rebuking knives deep-style to try and defend our own at any cost? Honestly not necessary. I know we're better than that and I know we can dig deep and prove it too. I've been as guilty of thin skin as any of us but in most cases, at the end of the day, it's all for not. Come what may, what happens happens. We'll love our coach, whomever that may be. It's how we're wired, and it's why we all cherish everyday as a Buckeye. You should too, no matter what your opinion or makeup. So let's all agree to try and take a deep breath and approach whatever the next three months bring with as level of a head as is possible, shall we?

Reason. It still exists. Let's get this out of the way: I'm no Kirk Herbstreit apologist. His reporting of information he knew second hand that probably originated in the likes of these parts during a nationally televised college football game last November was irresponsible as a journalist. His childish feud with Ohio State's quarterback? Sophomoric and insecure at best. As a veteran dignitary and former representative of the Scarlet and Gray, regardless of his opinion, he knows (and should know) better. His Top 25 ballot? Completely meaningless. If you think otherwise, you're kidding yourself, but none the less, it that's genuinely his opinion? No matter how asinine, he's entitled to it. In fact anyone ranking Oklahoma over Ohio State at any point last season would be guilty of the same fallacy, unless they happened to be Oklahoma or Ohio State alums, I doubt we give two craps. So why am I saying this? Because no matter how absurd the guy's been in the last couple months for the sake of trying to be objective to a fault, he's still a Buckeye (and a human being). He proves it here. This interview, his first as a transplant Nashvillian, comes across as real and genuine. Say what you will, but he hasn't been wrong about a ton outside of the Terrelle Pryor childishness. His timing and reasons? Again, probably not the purist intent, but if your brother said something similarly stupid at the Easter/*insert holiday* dinner table, you'd probably turn your cheek and give them the benefit of your doubt. Like it or not, the guy is going to be a diplomat for the university regardless of how silly and front running he turns out to be. Respect the person, not the opinion, and if you honestly go out of your way to ostracize and boo him if and when GameDay next comes to Columbus? Really? Again, the best way to deal with the genuine trolls of the world is just to highlight their good points and otherwise let them be. Be better, because we are.

Gholston Wasn't What He Measured Up To. In spite of the sensationalistic media types, Rex Ryan did call former Ohio State defensive end a "phony" in his forthcoming tell all book, but he does so in relative reasonable context:

"Truth be told, I didn't like the kid coming out of college," says Ryan, claiming he did his best to coach Gholston once he came to the Jets in 2009. "He's a good athlete and a smart guy, but I thought he was a phony."

He's not entirely wrong. While it sucks Big Vern never adjusted to the speed/physicality as a starter in a New York Jets uniform, he still has plenty of time to find his niche in the league and prove that his physique and football offerings aren't entirely illegitimate. The burden of false expectations is one of the hardest things to transpire regardless of lease in life.

Cooooold Blooded. Jim Delaney isn't mincing words after his purported lobbying to help keep those involved with Ohio State's tattoos-for-goods scandal Sugar Bowl eligible per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg:

"[Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith], myself, the NCAA all would have handled things differently," Delany said.

Obvious statement's obvious. Statements like this fall likely somewhere between C.Y.A. and disown, but I'm optimistic at the end of the day, Delany is as good of a diplomat as any to recognize Tressel's overarching character. Whether or not that's enough to save his relationship with The Ohio State University remains to be seen, but it may not be a bad thing this isn't Delany's punishment to deal.

Tressel's Contract; Yikes. Hate to beat a dead horse, but this certainly merrits mention. The Good Doctor perused The Vest's contract and points out something making the rounds a lot in C-Bus circles lately: the divorce could be fairly problem free.

Boilerplate that reads like a university lawyer looked into the future and described every conceivable offense from half a dozen different, equally damning perspectives.

This doesn't bode well should the August 12th hearing not go as it could. I"m sure like many of you, I'm hoping it does, but sadly there remains a very real chance it won't. My lingering optimistic hope remains that those still remaining wearing the Scarlet & Gray regardless don't face a bowl ban as the result of poor decisions of a single individual in power. It just seems wrong to throw the baby out with the bathwater is all.

Signs of brighter things to come, for a change. Congrats again to former Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward. As Senator Tressel said bluntly post Sugar Bowl, Cam's a great football player but a greater human being first. The versatile DE/DT was chosen by the perfect organization/system for his particular skill set when the Pittsburgh Steelers made him the 31st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Expect him to make an impact sooner rather than later.

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