BlogPoll Ballot Week 7

By Johnny Ginter on October 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

This week was a pretty terrific week. Ohio State looked good, and as pointed out in our comments section, virtually every team we wanted to lose ended up losing. It was also a fairly good week for making the Big Ten look good, as Michigan State is getting some love from the national press, and Wisconsin continues to be Wisconsin. Of course, maybe the best news of all (and I really, really don't want to jinx it), it looks like the SEC might have a really difficult time getting to the National Championship Game this year. Nice.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome:

1 Ohio State Buckeyes The Buckeyes, back in Ohio Stadium, took care of business against the Hoosiers as Pryor threw for 334 yards in a 38-10 victory. Silky Johnson and Mark May might point to problems with the running game, but an OSU with a healthy Pryor is as a legit #1 as any other team in the country. Next up: @Wisconsin, 7:00pm UP1
2 Oregon Ducks Oregon was supposed to completely steamroll Wazzu on Saturday but instead ran into some unexpected resistance and only led 36-23 near the end of the 3rd quarter. An offense that previously looked unstoppable still looks great, but with each week it's getting harder to overlook a leaky defense.  Next up: UCLA, 9:00pm UP1
3 Boise State Broncos Boise do what Boise do, which is to look very good in beating a bad team. This week it was Toledo, winning 57-14. No Boise rusher ran for 10 times, but they still had over 200 yards on the ground. Stats like those are basically all that will keep us from reflexively yawning every time we hear Boise's name until November when they play someone not awful. Next up: @San Jose State, 8:00pm UP1
4 TCU Horned Frogs TCU pitched a second shutout in a row against Wyoming, winning 45-0. Andy Dalton threw for 3 TDs and the Horned Frogs were incredibly balanced on offense with 281 yards passing and 297 yards rushing. This team is my super secret personal favorite to make the Championship game. Next up: BYU, 4:00pm UP1
5 Oklahoma Sooners Bye week. Next up: Iowa State, 7:00pm UP1
6 Nebraska Cornhuskers The Huskers stomped all over Kansas State 48-13 as QB Taylor Martinez rushed for 241 yards and gave the rest of the country PTSD flashbacks to the mid-1990's. Next up: Texas, 3:30pm UP1
7 Auburn Tigers Cam Newton, aka TP South, rushed for 198 yards and passed for 210 as the Tigers held off a furious comeback by Kentucky to win 37-34. Hard to tell how legit this team is, but the next few weeks will be telling. Next up: Arkansas, 3:30pm UP1
8 Utah Utes Da U(tes) clobbered Iowa State 68-27, as they continued to make the case for having the most dangerous offense in America. The November 6th matchup with TCU is going to be epic. Next up: @Wyoming, 6:00pm UP8
9 Michigan State Spartans Little brother no more. Sparty refused to get Denarded, and handcuffed Shoelace by picking him off 3 times and winning 34-17 at the Big House. Too high of a ranking? Maybe. But a legit offense, a very good defense, and an undefeated record gets you in the top ten. Next up: Illinois, Noon UP9
10 LSU Tigers My thoughts on this coach and this team are summed up here. LSU is going to lose, but it wasn't this week, as the Tigers pulled out a 33-29 last second win over an overrated Florida team. Next up: McNeese State, 7:00pm UP10

11 South Carolina Gamecocks The Gamecocks played out of their minds and pulled off the biggest upset in school history by beating Alabama 35-21. The OBC got his signature win, and thousands of houndstooth hats were flung to the ground in disgust. Next up: @Kentucky, 6:00pm UP4
12 Alabama Crimson Tide Bama got exposed, simple as that. Richardson and Ingram only totaled 64 yards, McElroy was harassed all game long, and a young secondary got picked on constantly. And they still have to play LSU and Auburn. Next up: Ole Miss, 9:00pm DOWN11
13 Stanford Cardinal A last second FG beat a very mediocre USC team 37-35, but the game probably shouldn't have been that close. The Cardinal allowed Matt Barkley to pass for 390 yards. Yikes. Next up: Bye DOWN3
14 Arkansas Razorbacks Ryan Mallet got shut down in the second half of Arkansas' 24-17 victory over Texas A&M, and the Razorbacks picked off the Aggies in the endzone as time expired to preserve the win. Next up: @Auburn, 3:30pm --
15 Arizona Wildcats Arizona has been living on the edge for a month now, and it came back to bite them as they lost narrowly to Oregon State, 29-27. This does not help Iowa's cause. Next up: @Wazzu, 7:30pm DOWN6
16 Iowa Hawkeyes Bye week. Next up: @Michigan, 3:30pm DOWN4
17 Wisconsin Badgers John Clay rushed for 111 and James White went for 118 as Wisconsin beat Minnesota 41-23. Bielema went for two after a touchdown late in the game and Brewster blew a blood vessel. Hooray! Next up: Ohio State, 7:00pm UP2
18 Florida State Seminoles Jimbo Fisher's crew looked good in crushing Miami 45-17 and piling up almost 300 yards of rushing. Next up: Boston College, 12:00pm UP4
19 Nevada Wolf Pack The Wolfpack slapped San Jose State around in a very orderly fashion, winning 35-13. If you want Boise to lose, you want these guys to be good. Next up: @Hawaii, 11:30pm UP2
20 Missouri Tigers Shutout Colorado 26-0 and remained undefeated. Next up: @Texas A&M, Noon UP5
21 Michigan Wolverines Well, it happened. Denard Robinson did not have a terrible day (he still had over 300 total yards of offense), but his 3 INTs doomed the Wolverines at home as they lost to Michigan State 34-17. Next up: Iowa, 3:30pm DOWN 4
22 Air Force Falcons Air Force stayed in the Top 25 with a win over Colorado State, 49-27 to reach a record of 5-1. Next up: @San Diego State, 8:00pm UP1
23 Miami (Florida) Hurricanes Hanging on by a thread. Jacory Harris has been channeling his inner Sexy Rexy far too often lately and it has hurt Miami deeply, as they lost to FSU 45-17. Next up: @Duke, 1:00pm DOWN 12
24 Florida Gators Really the only time that it's embarrassing to lose to an undefeated team is if it's LSU, but the Gators did just that, 33-29. This is not a great Florida team but they need to find their footing fast. Next up: Mississippi State, 7:00pm DOWN 11
25 Oklahoma State Cowboys Have won their last two games by a total of 5 points. Still, one of those games was against Arizona, so a token Top 25 spot in in order. Wow I completely screwed the pooch on this, Oklahoma State, not Oregon State, is 5-0 and therefore gets the token Top 25 spot. In my defense, you didn't figure it out either, suckeerrrsssss- Johnny Next up: @Texas Tech, 3:30pm --
Dropouts: USC Trojans
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