Clarett Sees Limited Action in Nighthawks' Opener

By 11W Staff on September 25, 2010 at 1:29 am

Jeff Garcia threw a touchdown pass with 6 seconds left to give the Omaha Nighthawks a win in their UFL opener in front of a league-record crowd of just over 23,000, but you're not here to read about Garcia. You're here to find out what Maurice Clarett did in his action on the gridiron in over four years.

The short of it: a short kickoff return and a near block on a punt.

With Ahman Green in the backfield, Clarett will have to earn any carries he is to receive this season, but it's great to see him back on the field again. Let's hope this is just another step in his journey to turn his life around.

(via @rollerCD)

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