Allow Us to Update You on Us

By Jason Priestas on August 12, 2010 at 2:00 pm
MON 8/16: Offensive Line
TUE 8/17: Offensive Backs
WED 8/18: Receivers & Tight Ends
THR 8/19: Defensive Line
FRI 8/20: Linebackers
SAT 8/21: Secondary
SUN 8/22: Special Teams
MON 8/23: Top 11 Opposing Players
TUE 8/24: Top 11 Buckeyes
WED 8/25: Opponent Capsules
THR 8/26: The Buckeye 3-4
FRI 8/27: Roundtable

Football season is creeping up on us and that means we'll be accelerating things around here a bit as well. Next Monday we'll be kicking off our 2010 season preview with a look at the offensive line and then following that up with 11 more posts, taking you up to kickoff week. We plan to bring you the good stuff on everything from the position groups to key opposing players, opponent breakdowns, and Buckeye Football Analysis' take on the 3-4 in Columbus. Finally, we'll wash it all down with a hearty roundtable moderated by the Redneck Rocker. Okay, maybe not that last part. We don't like to make promises, but if you tune in every day, you'll astonish friends and enemies alike with your knowledge of the team heading into the season. For your convenience, the full preview schedule is shown at right.

The Tailgate is Nigh

Many thanks to everyone that participated in the poll to help us name our annual tailgate a few weeks ago. The voting was close, but "Eat Too, Brutus" emerged victorious and as such, will be the name used to remember that one time we all consumed so much we were forced to waddle over to the Shoe to watch the Buckeyes light up the Hurricanes.1

11W Presents: Eat Too, Brutus 2010

Google pays us third-world monies for the ads we display on this site, so let some of those rupees treat you to some food and drink. Luke will be showing off his balloon sculpture skills and Johnny has agreed to work a 10¢ kissing booth for you female readers. He's handsome and you're going to have a blast if you show up whether you're male or female, so plan to stop by the lots behind Bill Davis Stadium Saturday before the big game. We'll have more details as we get closer to the date.

  • 1 Honorable mention goes out to Cali Buck's "Because We Couldn't Go For Thirds". We absolutely loved it, but our PR people (and we use the same folks that Ticketmaster does, so we know they're good) tell us that the phrase is just a tad too long to be reusable in the context we're aiming for. Cali, if you can make it to the tailgate, enjoy a refreshing beverage on us.